Adoption and the Gospel


Adoption and the Gospel

The Priority of Adoption in the Local Church

Sunday, October 1
5–7:30 PM, Main Campus

Join us for an evening with Dr. Russell Moore, President of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention. Learn why adoption and orphan care are gospel issues and how the whole church can be involved. There is no cost.


Adoption and the Gospel Schedule:

4:30 PM

  • Foster Care & Adoption Agency Booths Open

5:00 PM

  • Worship
  • Session 1: Adoption & The Gospel: Why Christian Families Should Consider Orphan Care (Dr. Russell Moore)
  • Break
  • Session 2: Adoption & The Church: Reclaiming Adoption in the Local Church for the Glory of God. (Dr. Russell Moore)

6:45–7:30 PM

  • Breakout Sessions
      • “Not Adopting? How to Support Families Who Are” – “Not everyone is called to adopt. Not every child is available for adoption. But every believer is called to do something.” – Tony Merida. Kids without a mom and dad, need a loving family. But these families need the local church too. The people of the church can pray, care for, support and encourage families who are fostering and adopting. If adoption is to be a priority, it will take mobilizing the entire congregation to do so. Learn how you can do something.

      • “Orphan Justice: How to Care for Orphans Beyond Adoption” – Christians are clearly called to care for orphans, a group so close to the heart of Jesus. However, there are other very important ways to help beyond adoption. Caring for orphaned and vulnerable children requires us to care about related issues from child trafficking and HIV/AIDS to racism and poverty. See how you can make a difference.

      • “Decision Making & Adoption: 10 FAQs When Considering Adoption” – When considering adoption, there are tons of questions. How do I know if I should consider adoption? Should I foster or adopt? Should I adopt domestically or internationally? How much does it cost? What’s with all of the paperwork? These and other questions will be answered to help families think about their next steps in orphan care.

      • “Introducción a la Adopción: Lo Que Debemos Saber” (Introduction to Adoption: What Everyone Should Know)